Monday, June 05, 2006

This Blog is conserned mostly with autism, and issues raised relating to the autistic spectrum.

I became aware that is was an asperger around two years ago. After resisting wanting to be assocciated with that I finally became intersted and the more books I read the pride I left at being autistic.

However only in the past few months did my interest venture online when I did something quite random.

For no real reason I typed in autism on Wikipedia, then followed the link to autistic community.

It was then I found that there were people who actually wanted to cure autism, and there were those who wished to stop them.

After reading through the rants, debates,points-counterpoints, of both sides I have to side that I find strongly in favour of the anti-cure perpsective .

Autism is not a diesease, it is not not something that should be removed from me or anyone else for that matter should they not wish it.

Autism is not caused by mercury alone. Or gentics alone. Nor the MMR. And certainly not be deamons.

The autistic (and other) personality traits of autistics are the result of a near uncountable number of interactions between the person's genetics, the physical environment and the emotional/psycholoical environment.

It is wrong, at least by modern standards to force someone to be different from who they are just to make them fit in.

Autism can't be cured, and it shouldn't be unless the autistic themselves does not give consent.

However most of the attampted 'cures' are used on children too young to give consent so it falls to the parents.

Parents who want the child the had in the minds to be the child they have in their arms. Most parents want their children to be perfect, when they turn out different than expected, thenthe emotional backlash can be devasting, bad for the greiving and self-pitying parents who have- in their heads- just lost their child thanks to the diagnosis.

It's much worse for the child or children that will have to endure their parents 'treatments'.